Blog One: Leadership and leading for high-performance

Paul | 1 Dec 2022


Many people that are responsible for the well-being and high performance of others often say they don’t think of themselves as leaders. Sometimes they think of themselves as managers, but not necessarily leaders.

So what is leadership and what makes a leader – a leader? Is it the title (whatever that is) that drives someone to belief what they are or are not a leader? Should it be that or the role and responsibility they hold? Does it matter? Does it make a difference? Is there a difference?  … the answer to that is yes, ‘If it makes a difference, then YES it matters! If what you think impacts what you feel and do, then yes, it matters and makes a difference!  

So, what are you telling ‘yourself’ about leadership? about you as leader?  What kind of story are you telling yourself? What’s the story you are writing in your mind about your leadership?  It can be useful to remember that what we believe drives what we do.  So how aware are you of what you believe about leadership?  It’s time to start the journey! Your first question… do you inspire other people to perform better than they thought they could? How do you know that?