Blog Two: Progressing to a high-performance leader…

Paul | 1 Dec 2022


How you think and what you do impacts others so it matters and MAKES A DIFFERENCE between effective sustainable leadership.

Knowing this is the first steps on your journey to becoming an effective leader of others. In other words, know yourself in order to understand why you do what you do, the impact it has on you and others and how you understand others. This is an essential starting point for leadership development. It’s time to REFLECT! Time to think about ‘you’ and what you do! Being a reflective leader is about being able to think about what you do and think about your thinking – it is the best thinking and doing I can do in this situation?  Is it really? People can find reflection hard, but it is necessary for a leader.  Reflection is your personal approach to identifying your beliefs and values (these drive your behaviour). 

Leadership is not a ‘one size fits all’ recipe for success so the more you know about ‘you’, how you think, feel and behave towards different people in different situation and in different contexts is essential.  

So, get started, riffle around in that glorious head and body of yours to become aware of your thoughts, feeling and actions in different situations and with different people and in different contexts.