Introducing – A unique High-Performance Collaboration App

Technology that is being used to monitor wellness, injuries and track performance should not only be available to an elite few, believes the former pioneering head coach of the South African national men’s Sevens Rugby team, Paul Treu.

This is one of the reasons why Treu has developed a world-class, yet affordable, sports app.

“The fast pace of technological advances brings new challenges to how we interact with each other. Communication and collaboration all happen on disintegrated platforms, making effective management and coaching a very difficult thing to do.

Solving this pain, now offers an integrated workspace for the modern sports team. 

According to the developer, the unique selling point of is its user-friendly interface and seamless flow of information with real-time data analytics. 

Treu’s vast experience as the former Blitzboks coach had a notable influence on one of’s key features: the wellness tracking and medical features. 

“Before we managed to win our first World Sevens Series title, we actually introduced player-wellness management into our environment, which took into account an athlete’s physical and mental readiness to perform,” says Treu.

“It was ground-breaking at the time and while the importance of player wellness has rightfully demanded greater attention in recent years, wellness management and injury surveillance aspects are still stifled by high costs and complex levels of coordination, data collection and communication within teams. 

“Finding a unique solution to get this right was one of the key objectives when we developed,” explains Treu.

By using the app, athletes’ self-reported wellness ratings and training load are being tracked, with the ability to immediately red flag  any potential issues. These reports are available to staff members in real-time, along with relevant information such as the date of the injury, prognosis and implications for rehabilitation, training and possible return to play. 

Robyn Phillips, physiotherapist of the University of the Western Cape rugby team said the app has proven to be a very useful analytical and monitoring tool.

“The app has made it easy for me to keep track of all the players injured in the team, and it helps me keep up to date with my important notes. A big frustration for me was the inability to add new entries on my device, until the arrival of the easy to use app,” reckons Phillips.

Jenny van Dyk is the forward-thinking Head Coach of the University of Pretoria’s netball team and the South African Under-21 national team, and she also lauded the friendly interface and functionality of the app. 

Van Dyk reckons the app will make your performance programme run seamlessly:“It’s user-friendly and very relevant, and has the potential to develop into so much more in the near future. What I absolutely love the most about, is how easy it is to monitor my players’ individual wellness, readiness and load, daily. I find that to be very useful and extremely efficient.”

According to Treu, different team apps have been used by lower-level sports teams for quite some time, but those mainly focus on team management and communication. 

“With, we are now introducing a local solution while competing globally with a product built on the back of years’ of experience, sound integrated technologies and a real desire to make collaboration and performance a seamless experience for everyone working within the sports environment.” is immediately available for download to Android, iOS, Huawei devices and web, offering various packages. To learn more, visit

For more information please contact Paul Treu, [email protected]